Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim & Derek (many trips)


where do these tracks go?
Ore Chute and Ore Cart Tracks

this is a BIG chain!
More Mill Equipment

gee, some of this stuff is missing!!
Steve & Gary Check out the Tram System

I can see the mill from here!!
Looking at The Mill from our former Campsite up the Canyon

This is an excellent place to camp.  The dirt road leading in from the north is in much better shape than the one from the south.  There is a lot to see at both lower and upper areas.  Although little remains of Treasure City, small parts of Hamilton still stand only a few miles east.  There are also several buildings scattered throughout the mountains.  The Homestead and Mary Ellen mines are not far from here.   The buildings located up the west canyon from the mill used to be the best camping spots.  Both have now fallen.   The old cars remain.   Wood for the campfire and shelter from the weather are both available near the mill, in Hamilton, and at the nearby mines.  It is COLD at night.

this was a nice building
This Building (now fallen) served us well as our camping site for many years

Yes!! we did, sleep inside!
Our former camping site at the Belmont Mill

Upper Belmont Mill

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