the future of the BELMONT MILL

Steve, Gary, Cat & Jim (2012 trip)


the mill is being stabilized
Still Closed

September 2012
New Plywood and 2x4 supports 2012

this will make the building last longer
New plywood for one of the Buildings

September 2012
New Footings to support the Building

We revisited the Belmont Mill September 11, 2012.  This time we were able to speak with the construction crew that is doing the work.  What a great bunch of guys.   We learned a lot about the mill's history and were able to see first hand what is being done to stabalize and preserve this landmark mill.   The crew hopes to finish work before this winter's snows.   While there, we observed that our favorite camping building at the rear of the mill has collapsed.   How sad.   However, with the efforts from this great crew, no more buildings will fall.  We were informed that there is no restoration work going on at the upper mine tram head.   In fact, the crew isn't even allowed to go up there.

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September 2012
The interior of the mill

this is where we found the crew working
Major support work at the rear of the mill

Belmont Mill before construction began in 2011

Upper Belmont Mill

Flight Pictures of the Belmont Mill

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